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Brightly painted wooden dolls have had a long standing tradition in India representing various ages, time and culture. Depending on which state they come from, the dolls are made of different materials like clay, stone, cloth, papier-mâché, etc. Our piece is made of wood and is paired with Lambani mirror work with tassels. The Lambanis are a nomadic tribe in India that move from one place to another with all their belongings and their cattles. These women are known for their vibrant clothes and jewelry. Their unique embroidery, mirror work, appliqué work is widely known and has been passed on for generations. 

Handmade with love.

Material: Pearl, Wood, Thread, Silver, Gold.

Stud is 100% silver dipped in 24k gold.

Size: 4.2*0.8inches.

Weight: 5.7gms/ 2.0oz each.

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