Black Poison Ring
Black Poison Ring
Black Poison Ring
Black Poison Ring

Black Poison Ring

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One of our most special pieces, our poison ring showcases beautiful black stone and intricate design. The ring opens up and has enough space to store some tiny flowers. 

There are lots of names for poison rings – secret, pillbox, compartment, locket or vessel rings – but historically they all serve the same sinister purpose: to slip poison into an enemy’s food or drink, or to help the wearer commit suicide to avoid capture or torture. Pretty macabre! Fortunately, today they are delightful items of jewelry. Their secret compartment can be used for something magical, like holding an image of someone we love for hope and healing.

Designed with a small container hidden under a hinged cover, poison rings are thought to have originated in ancient India and the Far East, replacing the practice of wearing keepsakes in pouches around the neck. After their popularity spread to other parts of Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean because they were so practical, they arrived in Western European during the Middle Ages.

-(Excerpt from Joelle Magazine)

Non-allergic and Anti-tarnish

Handmade with love.

Materials: Black stone, Brass, 24k gold plating.

Size: Adjustable, one size fits all.

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