Our story

Maalicious was born out of a desire to innovate and create quintessential jewelry with a rich dose of traditional. Our goal is to provide amazing artisans from all over India with a platform to shine, thrive and succeed. Our inspiration is Indian, tribal and historic, and you will see that inspiration steeped in all our designs.
The name is an amalgamation on the Indian word for jewelry, "maal", with the the word "malicious" to add a bit of naughty. Each piece of jewelry tells a story from the past, and is made with attention to detail. Scroll through and enjoy our new take on traditional art. As an organization completely run by women, our vision is to ensure marginalized women are  economically empowered to build their own future.
Maalicious was born 2 years ago as a pet project conceived at my home in New York. I partnered with differently-abled students studying jewelry in Mysore, India, on my visit to India a few weeks later. A lot of research, learning, sweat and blood later, we've grown into what Maalicious is today. I have tried to give each one of you something special while holding the values of quality, labor rights and sustainability paramount. Some of our artists get over 50% of the proceedings from the jewelry!
I look forward to what our future has in store for us. I want to explore the possibility of enabling the talented women in India and helping them with our profits. I hope you will hold our hand and ride this journey with all of us here at Maalicious.